About Us

Values and Philosophys

  To earn consistent customer loyalty, being a customer centric organisation
  To provide high quality and cost-effective products, assuring timely service
  To develop and deliver innovative products, services and solutions
  To create opportunities for Human Resource, enabling organisational and employees’ growth and development; also,    create congenial work environment for them

Inception and Managements

Rama packaging Industries - 'A prolific inception'

Rama Packaging Industries, established in 1969 by the visionary leader Shri. Gul Choudhary, has emerged to be one of the most cost efficient manufacturers of packaging products. Shri. Gul Choudhary had a futuristic approach to have given head start to the organisation.

His business insights and prudence has yielded fruitful results of vertical and horizontal growth, dependable product spectrum and enormous customer base to the organisation. He has been a vital force in driving and motivating the organisation as a whole.

Likewise, Rama packaging, with a sublime beginning eversince, has surpassed various landmarks.

Rama Packaging Industries - 'The legacy of Tradition'

Taking the legacy of tradition and expertise, professionalism and business ethos, Shri. Sunil Choudhary, son of Shri. Gul Choudhary, has proved to be the rightful and diligent scion, with business thinking and execution, managing Rama Packaging Industries which happens to be a partnership venture.

He has been successful in integrating all inherited virtues, business application and propositions strategically, retaining the core values and essence of the business.

Vision and Mission

  To chart new horizons of service orientation with customer focus, and achieving high bars of standards.
  We envision to being an upstanding company transforming ourselves, exceeding expectations of our customers.
  To strengthen service modules, manpower and skills continually for unerring product and service mobility.
  Paybacks from customers on the bases of international standard products, services, professionalism and    trustworthiness.
  It is also our mission to dimensionalise the packaging product industry and the business phenomenon with more    innovative range of products to offer in abundance, and contribute to the economy at large.